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When Is The Right Time To Purchase A Camera?

Posted on 09-11-2021
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Photography is one of the most popular hobbies out there, and camera manufacturers know this. Around every six to twelve months a new camera releases to replace an older model. Many times this can confuse consumers as there are too many models to choose from.

You may think "I'll wait for the new release to arrive in store before I make the purchase." However, when the new camera comes, the cycle of thought continues, and you may be stuck thinking of waiting for the next one!

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When is the Right Time to Buy a Camera?

There are multiple times in the year when manufacturers release new products. The latest release timing usually aligns with international photo shows such as Photokina. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic circulating the world, many release dates will undoubtedly be affected. Therefore, you may want to consider rethinking the current camera model and make your purchase now.

Look Out For Excellent Opportunities

To help with your buying decision, you should always be on the lookout for opportunities to get the camera of your dreams. For instance, look for giveaways where you could potentially win a camera? Alternatively, and most commonly, is there a particular sale you should look forward to?

Black Friday is one of the calendar days on many people's minds. During this time, many retailers, digiDirect included, offer exceptional pricing which tempts many people. Alternatively, please take a look at some of the prices on our website and look out for Promotional Pricing listed on each product. You never know you could see a price which generally won't be repeated!

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Seek Advice from Friends or Family

If you are unsure of when the best time to purchase a camera is then you should consider asking a friend or even a family member. They may have insights into sales, release dates, rumours or they may have made a purchase recently. There are other options, as well. For instance, Facebook is full of desirable communities of enthusiastic individuals who are always willing to share their knowledge. Today we launched our own. You may want to join and ask a question about a camera or even when the right time might be to purchase a camera.

Watch YouTube to Learn More About a Camera

Video is becoming a medium where people are beginning to turn to more and more for information. It's why we are seeing more people watching our informative YouTube videos. These videos act as a perfect way to learn the differences between the two camera models so you can make an informed buying decision. Take, for instance, our YouTube video comparing the state of DJI Gimbals.


Hopefully, these different ways of equipping yourself with knowledge can assist in making a better buying decision. And more importantly, help you understand when the best buying time might be. If you have any questions on what camera might be best for you, we encourage you to send us a text using the Live Chat button on the bottom right side of your screen. We would love to hear from you.

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