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Kowa TSN-PZ Digiscoping SLR Camera Adapter (123880)

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Product Overview
  • For SLR Cameras

  • Variable Focal Length

  • Requires Camera-Specific T-Mount Adapter


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The Kowa TSN-PZ Camera Adapter for the 88 and 77mm series scopes turns your Kowa scope into a long, powerful lens that will help you get that great wildlife or landscape shot you've always wanted.  This unique adapter has a built-in zooming eyepiece, allowing variable magnification to perfectly frame your subject or scale back magnification for a brighter view.  Why carry an additional long, photographic lens when this cost-effective item will allow you to use one lens for dual purposes?

First, remove the eyepiece. Next, attach the SLR camera adapter where the eyepiece would normally be attached to the spotting scope, and screw in a t-mount adapter to the opposite end of the SLR camera adapter. Now you can attach your camera to the t-mount and you are ready to begin taking pictures!

All ventures in the world of digiscoping require the use of a sturdy tripod, first and foremost. You must take great care to keep vibrations during exposure to an absolute minimum. Employing a cable release, electronic release or remote control for tripping the shutter is absolutely necessary. And while it is not necessary per se, the TSN-DA3 Mounting Bracket will do wonders to reduce vibrations of your rig.

TSN-88 Series

  • Focal Length: 680-1000
  • Magnification: 24x (approx)
  • Aperture: 7.7-11.4
  • Angle of View: 2.3-1.6°
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 16.4' (5m)
  • Length: 4.1" (105mm)
  • Weight: 12oz (350g)

TSN-77 Series

  • Focal Length: 680-1000
  • Magnifiction: 35x (approx)
  • Aperture: 8.8-13.0
  • Angle of View: 2.3-1.6°
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 16.4' (5m)
  • Length: 4.1" (105mm)
  • Weight: 12oz (350g)

Note: Requires purchase of additional Camera Adapter Ring - sold separately

  • Kowa makes adapters and rings for most makes and models of cameras - both still and video
  • Mounts easily via a screw lock adjustment
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Kowa TSN-PZ Digiscoping SLR Camera Adapter

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