Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA). Live Streamed and brought to you by digiDIRECT. cameras and imaging.
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Welcome to the 2014 Canon AIPP APPA DigiDirect Livestream

Please enjoy the judging of Australia's finest photographers and support our Livestream Sponsors - digiDirect.

judging schedule
This judging schedule is subject to change at any time without notice.

Technical Considerations For Viewing the LiveStream…

Please remember that viewing a Live Stream is not like watching TV. When we send the stream to the streaming server we are sending a sufficiently high bandwidth feed to ensure that everyone can receive a high quality feed for viewing an a computer, and a lower bandwidth feed for viewing on a mobile device. We are constantly monitoring our feed to ensure there is no dropout or signal loss, which there never is!

However, your experience as a viewer is entirely dependent on your own ISP, your internet connection and bandwidth and the "contention" of your own connection. This means we have no control over your own viewing experience. If you lose the signal or the quality drops, it is almost always an issue with your connection, not the feed itself. Please keep this in mind if any issues arise.

Please note

While watching and interacting with the Livestream we please ask you note the following rules...

No Swearing

Please keep all comments and remarks free of swearing.

Do not identifying the photographer

It is not acceptable to discuss who may be the photographer.

No offensive remarks

Please show respect for the photographers and other enthusiasts in the chat room.

Banning from chat

Breaking of the rules can result in a 5 minute, 15 minute or permanent ban from the chat room.

Banning from site

We will not hesitate to ban the IP address of any individual that breaks any of these rules.

AIPP Members Discount from DigiDirect

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