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DiCAPac WP-560 Multipurpose Waterproof Case (GAWP560) (117043)

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Product Overview The DiCAPac WP-560 Multi Pack Waterproof Case is a PVC vinyl housing is designed for multi-purpose use and it protect your mobile phone to a depth of 5.0 metres
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The WP-560 protects any piece of equipment that will fit, from water, sand, dust, etc., in the ocean and mountains. It is recommended for use when swimming, snowboarding and boating. The housing meets JIS IPX8 requirements for underwater usage. This case is ISO9001/RoHS Compliant. A neck strap is included.

Key Features

- Protects any equipment that will fit, from water, sand, dust
- Waterproof underwater housing protects contents up to 5.0 m
- Meets standard requirements for JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) IPX8 at 0.5 water pressure (underwater 5.0m), tested for 30 minutes
- A neck strap is included
- Transparent and flexible case for convenient button control


Material: PVC polyvinyl chloride
Type of Closure: Waterproof zipper, Press and fold seal, Touch fastener
Exterior Dimensions: 0.5 x 11.8 x 18.5cm (DxWxH)
Carrying/Transport Options: Neck strap
Weight: 46g
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