6390 Manfrotto Sympla MVA513WK Long Lens Support System 2018 Tripod Accessories MANFROTTO

Manfrotto Sympla MVA513WK Long Lens Support System (103149)

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Code: MVA513WK
Product Overview
  • Reduces Vibrations in Long Lens Uses

  • Configured Out of 10 SYMPLA Components

  • Height Adjustable Supports

  • Compatible with Manfrotto Video Heads

  • Compatible with More SYMPLA Components

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The Manfrotto SYMPLA Long Lens Support System reduces the vibrations that occur when shooting with a long lens attached.

The system is configured out of many SYMPLA components. Two of them in particular -- the SYMPLA Body Support and the SYMPLA Lens Support -- are what reduce vibrations. Both height-adjustable and rubber-coated, one presses up against the underside of the mounted camera and the other similarly against the far end of the attached lens. The camera and lens are thus stabilized and vibrations caused from focusing or pressing buttons are very highly reduced.

The system is compatible with Manfrotto video heads and with additional SYMPLA components such as the Shoulder Pad and Adjustable Handles.


Highly Reduced Vibration
  • The Body Support and Lens Support components of the rig stabilize a mounted camera and lens


Brand: Manfrotto
Weight: 2.91

Manfrotto Sympla MVA513WK Long Lens Support System

  • Body Support

  • Lens Support

  • 2 x 12 inch Rods

  • SYMPLA 15mm Rods (Pair, 6 inch)

  • Variable Plate

  • V-Offset

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