14921 SkyWatcher Shutter Release For Nikon N2 2072 Remote Controls SkyWatcher

SkyWatcher Shutter Release For Nikon N2 (123574)

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Product Overview
  • Electronic Shutter Release Cable

  • Connect Your DSLR Camera to Sky-Watcher Computerized Mount*

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Sky-Watcher Shutter Release Cable AP-R2N

The SkyWatcher Shutter Release Cable allows you to connect your digital SLR camera's 10 pin terminal to the Sky-Watcher Computerized Mount's auto image port.

This particular Sky-Watcher Cable is designed for Nikon DSLR cameras with a DC1 type remote socket.

Sky-Watcher Mount Compatibility
  • Sky-Watcher AllView Mount
  • Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mount
  • Sky-Watcher Star Discovery Mount
Camera Compatibility
  • Nikon D30
  • Nikon D70S
  • Nikon D80
No available specification for this product.

SkyWatcher Shutter Release For Nikon N2

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