18171 Hahnel Remote Shutter Release Cable for Olympus & Panasonic 2072 Remote Controls HAHNEL

Hahnel Remote Shutter Release Cable for Olympus & Panasonic (124159)

$44.00 44.00
Product Overview
  • Allows Auto Focusing Before Shutter Release
  • Features Lock for Continuous Shutter Release and Bulb Exposure Function
  • Suits Range of Olympus and Panasonic DSLR Cameras
  • Eliminates Camera Shake for Long Exposure Photography
  • Continuous Shooting Function
  • Interchangeable Connectors
  • Twist and Lock Cable for Remote
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The Hahnel HRC 280 Pro Remote Shutter Release is a multi-function cable release that can be used with multiple Olympus/Panasonic DSLR bodies. Situation yourself up to 2 m away from your set-up and shoot with reduced camera shake and increased confidence of success.

Using the Hahnel Remote Shutter Release for Olympus and Panasonic cameras you can control shutter release and trigger autofocus without touching the camera buttons. By triggering the camera remotely, you can achieve pin sharp results which is especially useful for macro shots or low light long exposure photography.

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Compatibility: Olympus:
C-5060 / C-8080/ E-1/ E-10/ E-100/ E-20/ E-3/ E-30/ E-300/ E-400 / E-410/ E-410/ E-450/ E-5/ E-510/ E-520/ E-550/ E-600/ E-620/ E-PL2/ E-PL5/ E-PM2 / E420/ OM-D E-M10/ OM-D E-M5/ Pen E-P1/ PEN E-P3/ PEN E-P5/ SP-510 UZ/ SP-550 UZ/ SP-560 UZ/ SP-565 UZ/ SP-570 UZ/ SP-590UZ/ XZ-1 (MID)/ XZ-2 IHS
DMC-FZ100/ DMC-FZ150/ DMC-FZ20/ DMC-FZ30/ DMC-FZ50/ DMC-FZ60/ DMC-G1/ DMC-G10/ DMC-G2/ DMC-G3/ DMC-G5/ DMC-GF1/ DMC-GH1/ DMC-GH3/ DMC-GH4/ DMC-L1/ DMZ-FZ200/ DMC-G6/ GX7/ GX1/ GH2/ LC1/ DMC-G7/ DMC-G70/ FZ300 / FZ330


Hahnel Remote Shutter Release for Olympus and Panasonic

  • Twist & Lock Cable
  • Interchangeable Connectors



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