18170 HAHNEL - HRS 280 Pro Remote Shutter Release - Sony 2072 Remote Controls HAHNEL

HAHNEL - HRS 280 Pro Remote Shutter Release - Sony (127612)

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Product Overview
  • Autofocus, Bulb Function & Continuous Shooting functions
  • Convenient 2m extension cable included with twist & lock system for secure connection
  • Supplied with interchangeable camera connectors for multiple DSLR’s of one brand
  • Textured anti-slip material provides a secure grip & gives additional durability
  • Reduce Camera Shake
  • Lightweight, portable & reliable
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HAHNEL - HRS 280 Pro Remote Shutter Release - Sony

The Hahnel Remote Shutter Release PRO lets you control your cameras shutter release remotely to eradicate shake so you can take better shots. This makes it perfect for long exposure photography, macro shooting and any other style of photography where an ultra-stable setup is required. The remote includes a 2m long extension cable, interchangeable connectors, and has a hold function for continuous shooting and for bulb mode that allows you to hold your shutter open for longer. It is available for a variety of different camera brands.

  • GTIN - 5099113007032

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Compatibility: A100/ A200/ A300/ A350/ A450/ A500/ A550/ A560/ A580/ A700/ A850/ A900/ A99/ A99 Mk II/ A77/ A77 Mk II/ A65/ A68/ A57/ A55/ A37/ A35/ A33/ HX50/ HX50V / HX60/ HX60V/ HX80/ HX300 / HX400/ HX400V/ A7/ A7 MkII/ A7R/ A7S/ A7R Mk II / A7SMk II/ A7RMkIII/ A9/ A58K/ A58Y /A3000 / A5000/ A5100/ A6000/ A6300/ A6500/ NEX-3N / 3NY/ RX10/ RX10 Mk II/ RX10MkIII/ RX10MkIV/ RX100/ RX100 Mk II/ RX100 Mk III/ RX100 Mk IV/ RX100 MK V/ WX500
Wireless Range: 2.8m
Cable Length: 2m

HAHNEL - HRS 280 Pro Remote Shutter Release - Sony

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