15452 Ilford FineArt Protect - 500ml Liquid Sealant 2068 Paper ILFORD

Ilford FineArt Protect - 500ml Liquid Sealant (127213)

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Product Overview
  • Protects print against UV light

  • Improved scratch resistance

  • Maintains original tint, texture and colour of the image

  • Easy to apply

  • Non-hazardous

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The FineArt Protect is applied by spraying the solution onto the print to form a thin protective layer. The image will then be protected against UV light and will also be resistant to scratches. The layer will not affect the colour of the print or the tint and texture of the media.

The product is odourless and contains non-hazardous material.

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Ilford FineArt Protect - 500ml Liquid Sealant


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