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AIH-1 Audio Interface Holder (131486)

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Product Overview
  • Audio Interface Holder
  • Simple and convenient
  • Mount your U-Series audio interface
  • Clamp and binding unit
  • Maximum flexibility
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The AIH-1 Audio Interface Holder provides a simple and convenient way to mount your U-Series audio interface. With its clamp and binding unit, the AIH-1 lets you attach your U-22, U-24, or U-44 to any standard microphone stand or pole.

AIH-1 is designed for maximum flexibility, allowing you to use your U-Series interface on stage, at rehearsal spaces, or in your home studio. Since AIH-1 provides a firm and secure grip, you can position your interface however you’d like and easily connect it to your microphone or instrument, set the gain, and control direct monitoring.

  • MPN - FXZ277
  • GTIN -N/A

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Compatibility: U-Series Audio Interface

AIH-1 Audio Interface Holder


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