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Sony ECM-674 Shotgun Microphone (123527)

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Product Overview
  • Flat-and-wide Frequency Response

  • Compact and Lightweight Design

  • Built-in Low Cut Filter


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The Sony ECM-674 Shotgun Microphone is an affordable shotgun-type electret condenser microphone, which delivers excellent sound performance in field and studio productions.

Superb Sound Quality
The ECM-674 offers an excellent sensitivity of -36 dB (0 dB=1 V/Pa.) and low inherent-noise level of less than 17 dB SPL. This allows the microphone to be used for clear voice pick-up even in noisy environments

Two-way Powering
A two-way powering capability allows the ECM-674 to be driven by microphone power or batteries, making it suitable for both camcorder mounting and many other sound-gathering applications. Internal: AA-size battery operation. External: DC (40 to 52 V) operation

Built-in Battery Liquid Leakage Protection Circuit
In general, old batteries can leak and damage the equipment they are used in. The ECM-674 prevents this by continually detecting the output voltage of the battery and shutting off the power supplied to the electric circuit whenever the voltage drops beneath a certain threshold.


Flat-and-wide Frequency Response
The ECM-674 microphone has a flat-and-wide frequency response (40 Hz to 20 kHz) and provides sound reproduction that is extremely smooth and natural

Compact and Lightweight Design
The ECM-674 has been designed as a highly directional compact and lightweight shotgun microphone. It measures only 268 mm in length and weighs just 185 g, maintaining good balance even when mounted on compact camcorders.

Built-in Low Cut Filter
The built-in two-position (M, V) low-cut switch provides users with a simple method of reducing the effects of undesired ambient noise.

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Sony ECM-674 Shotgun Microphone
  • Windscreen (1)

  • Stand adaptor (2)

  • Short LR cable (for camcorder use) (1)

  • Operating instructions (1)

  • Mic spacer (2)

  • Mic holder (1)


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