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Lenskirt XL Flexible Lens Hood (122625)

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Product Overview
  • Blocks Environmental Reflections

  • Fits Lenses up to 8 inch in Diameter

  • Works with Lenses as Wide as 15mm

  • Opening Measures 12 x 13 inch

  • Suction Cups for Mounting


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The LENSKIRT XL Flexible Lens Hood features suction cups that attach to glass to help block out internal environmental reflections while shooting. This allows you to shoot photographs and video through glass without worrying about lights, flashes, or you showing up in the final image. It opens up with a drawstring in order to fit securely around your lens. It is compatible with lenses up to 8" in diameter, and the 12 x 13 inch opening will work with lenses as wide as 15mm. The LENSKIRT XL allows for more room to position your camera at an angle or tilt without seeing the edge of the Lenskirt. This is useful when shooting time lapse out of a tall building capturing the view below.

  • GTIN - 609722319072


Mount Type: Proprietary
Dimensions: 30.5 x 33.0 cm
Compatibility: For Lenses up to 15mm wide
Colour: Black

Lenskirt XL Flexible Lens Hood


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