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Elinchrom D-Lite 2 IT TO GO Kit (114308)

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Product Overview Elinchrom D-Lite 2 IT TO GO Kit
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The Elinchrom D-Lite-2 IT 200Ws 2 - Light To Go Set expands the possibilities of a lightweight, portable strobe kit

This versatile kit offers two 200Ws D-Lite IT (Intelligent Trigger) portable flashes, two 9' (2.75 m) light stands, a Skyport ECO transmitter for wireless triggering of your strobes, two 25 x 25" (63.5 x 63.5 cm) softboxes, a sync cord, a stand bag to protect your light stands, a user manual, DVD intro and guide, and a carrying case for storing and transporting the entire kit.

These multi-voltage flash heads recognize and use any AC power source from 90-260VAC, the power is variable in 1/10 steps from 12 to 200Ws, and the cooling fan is controlled by a microprocessor that automatically keeps the temperature in the safety zone. This is an ideal kit for portraits, still life, product, architectural photography, and more.

Built-In Skyport Triggering
The built-in Skyport Speed receiver provides wireless triggering of up to four groups and four channels. Included in the kit is a Skyport ECO Trigger, which allows you to choose from up to four frequencies (channels); no group features are supported with Skyport ECO trigger. Optional Standard Skyport Triggers can take advantage of the group features of the D-Lite IT. The Skyport ECO Trigger has two sync modes, standard sync mode (1/160 sec) or Speed (1/250 sec).

Eye-Cell Technology
When using D-Lite ITs in optical slave mode with cameras, or shoe-mount flashes with a pre-flash, users can program the number of pre-flashes or have the head automatically program itself--a great way of mixing lights.

Proportional Modeling Light Setup

Power adjustments are made in 1/10th stop increments. The modeling lamp can be controlled proportionately, set to minimum or maximum level, or switched off.

Power Steps
Output can be modified in 1/10 increments.

Thermally Controlled Fan Management

The cooling fan is controlled by a microprocessor and switches on automatically when the internal temperature increases.

New Stand Mount
The new, more robust stand mount also adds a universal umbrella mount, like all other Elinchrom heads--the mount can accept umbrellas with shafts of 8 or 9mm.


Maximum Watt/Seconds: 200
Guide Number: 148 @ ISO 100 w/48° reflector
Recycle Time: 0.8 sec at full power
Flash Duration: 1/800 to 1/2000 sec
Flash Variability: 12 to 200Ws
User Replaceable Flashtube: Yes
Changeable Reflector: Yes
Modeling Light Wattage: 100W
Flash Ready Indicator: Yes
Operating Voltage: 90-260VAC
Built-in Slave Cell: Yes
Circuit Protection: Yes
Fan Cooled: Yes
Auto Dump: Yes
Dimensions: 21 x 16 cm
Weight: 1 kg
Kit Weight: 11.4 kg

Included Accessories

2x D-Lite 2 Lights
2x Sync cable
2x Protective caps
1x Softbox 65 x 65 cm
1x Softbox 53 x 53 cm
1x hard shell case for two D-Lite's
1x DVD-Guide, Better Pictures
1x Carrying bag for two stands
2x Stands 85 - 235 cm
1x User manual
2x Modelling lamps

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