17504 Ilford Multigrade FB Classic Glossy 20x25cm - 25 Sheet Pack 2057 Darkroom ILFORD

Ilford Multigrade FB Classic Glossy 20x25cm - 25 Sheet Pack (129367)

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Product Overview
  • Variable contrast black and white photographic paper
  • This product replaces MULTIGRADE IV FB FIBER.
  • 255g/m2 fibre based paper
  • Improved maximum density (Dmax)
  • Faster speed (shorter exposure time)
  • Uniform grade separation
  • Available in Glossy and Matt surfaces
  • Available in sheet or roll format
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ILFORD MULTIGRADE FB CLASSIC has been designed for the creative printer wanting neutral image colour, great clarity and a good response to toners. This is a premium quality, variable contrast, black and white photographic paper, coated onto a 255g/m2 fibre base.

MULTIGRADE FB CLASSIC has a white base tint and prints made on the paper have rich blacks, deliver excellent tonal rendition and overall print appearance. In addition to producing the superb quality you have come to expect from ILFORD photographic papers, you will find that this product is versatile, easy to work with in the darkroom and well suited to toning applications, particularly on theglossy surface.

MULTIGRADE FB CLASSIC is a fast exposure darkroom paper. The product has a shortinduction time of around 20 seconds for image appearance during processing; there is a closer speed relationship between grades; more uniform grade separation; sharp images; an extended low contrast at soft filtrations (00 end);a 50% reduction in wash times to save on water; whilst retaining all the handling and filtration during processing that you have come to expect from traditional MULTIGRADE FB papers.

It is also suitable for use in all types of darkroom enlargers. It is compatible with most safelights designed for black and white papers with a cut off no lower than 580nm. It is also fully compatible with the ILFORD chemistry range as well as the ILFORD optimum permanence wash sequence.

MULTIGRADE FB CLASSIC will deliver seven full grades of contrast from grade 00 to grade 5 in half grade steps when used with ILFORD MULTIGRADE FILTERS. After washing and drying, it can be mounted using the standard methods for fibre-basedpapers.

  • MPN - 1171961
  • GTIN - 0019498171963

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Size: 20 x 25 cm Black & White Paper
Paper Type: Negative B+W Paper
Finish: Glossy
Contrast: Variable
Base: Fiber

Ilford Multigrade FB Classic Glossy 20x25cm

  • Ilford Multigrade FB Classic Glossy 20x25cm x 1


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