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13122 LensPen for Binoculars (Original and MiniPro) 2055 Cleaning and Maintenance LENSPEN

LensPen for Binoculars (Original and MiniPro) (106478)

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The LensPen for Binoculars Kit is ideal for cleaning the lenses and eyepieces of binoculars and other small optical items. Safe for use on all binocular types, the kit consists of the Original Pen and MiniPro Pen.


The cleaning tip of the both pens are impregnated with a unique carbon compound that easily cleans smudges, fingerprints and oily residue without having to use messy liquids, cloths or tissues. The larger Original Pen is designed to quickly and effectively clean the front elements of your binoculars, while the MiniPro features a more compact form factor to effectively clean eyepieces and viewfinders. Both pens sport an ultra-fine, fully retractable brush to facilitate easy cleaning of dust and small debris before using the cleaning tip to remove marks and buff to a crystal clear finish.


Each pen in the LensPen Binocular Kit (NLPB-1) delivers 500+ uses to ensure your maximum clarity in your binocular optics for years to come.

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LensPen for Binoculars (Original and MiniPro)


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