19126 Nitecore Gopro Hero 3/3+ Dual Battery Charger 2054 Camera Power & Chargers Nitecore

Nitecore Gopro Hero 3/3+ Dual Battery Charger (131104)

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Product Overview
  • Charger compatible with AHDBT-302 / 301 / 201. Designed for optimal heat dissipation.
  • Charger enables data transfer via USB cable.
  • Charger intelligently detects the input power & distributes the charging power.
  • Charger's LCD display shows the battery power levels & the extent of the charging progress.
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The NITECORE UGP3 Intelligent 2-Slot USB Charger charges up to two GoPro HERO3/3+ type batteries simultaneously and features a built-in LCD that shows real-time charging status and battery power levels. In addition to two battery slots, a USB port on the side of the device is provided for charging an external device, such as a smartphone. An integrated intelligent power management system automatically detects input power, selects the appropriate charging mode, and distributes power across your devices. The charger also features overcharge protection so it will stop charging your batteries once the charge process is completed, and reverse polarity protection in case you insert a battery incorrectly.

The charger is powered via USB sources using an integrated USB plug that conveniently stores inside a a compartment in the base of the charger. When the plug is connected to USB port on a computer, it will even support data transferring between your external device and computer. When used with a power adapter that delivers greater than 1A of current, the UG3 charges the batteries and external device simultaneously. When used with power adapters that deliver less than 1A, a Priority Mode is activated. In this, the charger will charge either the batteries or external device first, based on a switch on the side of the device.

Note: A small electrical current will keep passing through to a connected external device to keep it fully charged.

  • MPN - UGP3
  • GTIN - 6952506491162

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Input: USB DC 5V
Output: 4.2V ±1% / 5V
AHDBT-302 / 301 / 201 500mA
USB 1500mA
Weight: 44.2 g
Dimensions: 6.7 x 4.4 x 2.4 cm

Nitecore Gopro Hero 3/3+ Dual Battery Charger


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