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Leica Thumb Support Q2 Black (131023)

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Product Overview
  • Premium quality materials
  • Enhances ergonomics and steadiness of shot
  • Compatible with Leica Q2 point and shoot camera
  • Add-on accessory designed for easy handling of the Leica Q2
  • Enables optimal form and function


The Leica Q2 Thumb Support, designed specifically for the Leica Q2 Digital Camera, slides into the accessory shoe of the camera for more ergonomic shooting. When you press your thumb against this thumb rest, you will find the handle of your Leica Q2 to be easier and steadier. This is especially helpful for one-handed shooting. It also makes possible longer shutter speeds without causing camera shake.

An integrated button allows for continual operation of the thumb switch. The Thumb Support for the Q2 features coating and lettering that match Q2 itself, and it is made with the same premium quality materials for a seamless visual and physical fit. Use the Leica Thumb Support as an add-on accessory to optimize the form and function of your Q2 point-and-shoot camera. As with other accessories, the Thumb Support for the Leica Q2 features a durable and reliable construction to ensure lifelong usability.

  • MPN - 19543
  • GTIN - 4022243195431

No available accessories for this Product


Accessory Mount: None
Camera Attachment: Shoe-Mounted

Leica Thumb Support Q2 Black


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