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Nitecore 3500mAh Micro USB Rechargeable 18650 Battery (131094)

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Product Overview
  • Perfect for use in flashlights, electronic cigarettes, and other high-powered devices
  • Convenient micro-USB port allows battery to be charged without designated charger
  • 2-LED power indicator glows red while battery is charging and green when fully charged
  • Battery can also be charged in standard Li-Ion chargers
  • Built-in protection circuit helps prevent overcharging, over-discharging, and short-circuiting
  • Pressure relief valve activates during rapid temperature increase to prevent internal damage
  • Nickel-plated stainless steel protectors for high impact resistance
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A potent combination of power and convenience, the Nitecore NL1385R 18650 Li-Ion Button Top Battery is the perfect power source for your LED flashlight. Delivering 3.6 Volts of power, this high-powered cell is perfect for high powered devices like LED flashlights, electronic vaporizers, power tools, and much more! The battery's 3500 mAh capacity is one of the largest amongst 18650s, providing your electronics with substantial runtime before needing to be recharged. However, what truly sets the NL1835R apart is its micro-USB charging port, which allows the battery to be quickly recharged without the need of a designated charger, making it perfect for travel. Charging progress can even be monitored using the dual-LED power indicator located next to its positive terminal, which glows red while charging and green once charging is complete.

  • MPN - NL1835R
  • GTIN - 6952506492381

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Voltage: 3.6 V
Chemistry: Lithium ion (Li-ion)
Amp-Hours: 3500mAh

Nitecore 3500mAh Micro USB Rechargeable 18650 Battery


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