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Jinbei HD610 Spare LiPo Battery (125287)

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  • HD610,HD601 EF150D Spare LiPo Battery Pack


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A Jinbei HD610 can fire up to 400 times at full power from a single Lithium battery (proportionally more if shooting a lower power levels). There will be times when that is not enough, because you have a full day of shooting to do, or you are travelling to a remote area without power to recharge. In these instances, having a second Jinbei HD610 Lithium battery will come in handy. The battery has a handy LED level checker on board so that you can monitor its remaining capacity.

This battery is also compatible with the HD601 Battery flash and the EF150D battery LED.

Can this battery be carried on a plane flight?

Yes. If you are travelling with Lithium batteries, I would recommend you print out this guide from the CASA website and carry it with the batteries:

The HD610 battery specifications are printed on the battery label, and are as follows:
Capacity: 6000mAh = 6Ah
Voltage: 14.8V
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (LiPo)

To convert the Voltage and Amperage specifications into a Watt Hour rating, we use this formula from Fedex

Volts x Ampere hour (Ah) = watt hours
14.8V x 6Ah= 88.8wh

Since the HD610 battery is under 100wh, it is classified as 'low power". You can carry more than two "low power" batteries in your carry on luggage, just be sure to pack/wrap each of them separately so the terminals cannot be shorted out.

I recommend removing the battery from the light and carrying the battery in hand luggage, and packing the light with check-in luggage.

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Jinbei HD610 Spare LiPo Battery


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