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Tether Tools TetherBoost Pro Core Controller (Orange, Australian Plug) (126663)

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Product Overview
  • Helps to Stabilize USB 3.0 Connections

  • Ideal for Tethered Shooting

  • Cable Length: 13.5"

  • Maintains Data Transfer Speeds Up to 16'

  • Can Use with Active Extensions up to 65'

  • TrueConnect LED Indicator

  • Includes USB Cable and AC Adapter

  • JerkStopper Prevents Cable Disconnection


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Helping to maintain a stable USB 3.0 connection between a camera and a computer while shooting tethered, the orange TetherBoost Pro Core Controller from Tether Tools is a 13.5"-long connector that conditions and regulates the power between devices. This helps to alleviate dropped tethering connections or slow transfers due to computer's under- or dynamically-powered USB 3.0 ports.

The TetherBoost Pro supports tethered connections up to 16'-long, when used in conjunction with a separate 15' USB cable, and can be used with additional active extensions and TetherBoost Pros to produce working setups up to 65' long. No external power is required, as the connector actively utilizes power from the connected camera and computer, however, to reduce power draw on these devices, external power options can be used for longer shooting sessions. An included USB-DC cable permits working with an optional external power bank, or the included AC adapter, with Australian plug, allows the use of AC power. A JerkStopper Extension Lock is also included, and helps to prevent the cable ends from disconnecting during use.



GTIN: 818307013292

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Tether Tools TetherBoost Pro Core Controller (Orange, Australian Plug)

  • JS026ORG JerkStopper Extension Lock (Orange)

  • TetherBoost USB-DC Power Cable

  • TetherBoost AC Power Adapter (Australian Plug)

  • Limited Warranty


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