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Tether Tools Jerkstopper Quick Clip (124111)

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Product Overview
  • Keep Cable from Being Unplugged/Damaged

  • Provides Anchor Point Allowing for Slack

  • Fits Cables from 3.5 - 8.5mm in Diameter

Shipping: $9.90

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Keep a cable from being unplugged or damaged with the Tether Tools Jerkstopper Quick Clip. The Quick Clip snaps onto any rod or slot up to 12mm in diameter and provides an anchor point allowing for slack in the cable. This prevents potential stress, dislodging, and damage. The Quick Clip also provides a way to better manage multiple cables for quick access. It supports cables from 3.5 - 8.5mm in diameter. The snapping clip has a closed design so it will will remain on a rod or slot securely.
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Tether Tools Jerkstopper Quick Clip


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