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18454 ZOOM MS-60B MULTISTOMP 2049 Audio/Visual ZOOM


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Product Overview
  • 58 x Bass Effects
  • 4 x Effects Can Be Used Simultaneously
  • Built-In Chromatic Tuner
  • Tap Tempo Delays
  • Onboard Emulations of Vintage Amps
  • 32-Bit Floating Point DSP for Reverb
  • 30 x Preset Patches
  • Patch Cycling of up to 26 Presets
  • 50 x User-Preset Memory Locations
  • Backlit LCD Screen

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Designed to provide creative bass players with a wide palette of rich bass tones, the Zoom MS-60B MultiStomp Bass Pedal is a multi-effect processor with 58 different effects which are housed in a lightweight, standard-size, single pedal, thereby allowing you to efficiently cut down the size of your pedalboard. Effects include amp/preamp/DI modeling, compression, equalization, modulation, delay, reverb, and more. With its intuitive navigation and clear LCD display, the unit allows you to easily program, save, and rearrange your effects in both studio and low-light stage environments.

The MS-60B lets you use up to four effects simultaneously that can be arranged in any order you choose, and individually switched on/off. To get you going right away, it comes with 30 pre-loaded multi-effects which you can edit and store in 50 user-patch memories. For live gigs, you can create a list of up to 26 patches, to cycle through as you step on the pedal's footswitch.

Other features include an onboard chromatic tuner which supports both standard and drop-bass tunings, and a Tap Tempo function for synchronizing delay times or modulation rates to your song's tempo. The Zoom MS-60B is fitted with a 1/4" input jack for active and passive instruments, and two 1/4" output jacks for stereo recording or going to two amplifiers. The pedal is powered via two AA batteries, USB bus, or the Zoom AD-16 AC adapter (available separately).

Key Features

  • 58 x bass effects and amp/preamp/DI models, including modulation, equalization, delay, reverb
  • Up to four effects can be used simultaneously, in any order – even bring individual effects in and out of the chain as desired
  • DSP microchip performs 32-bit floating-point calculations to create sophisticated studio-quality effects
  • 50 x memory locations for the storage of user-created patches
  • 30 x factory-preset patches
  • Patch cycling of up to 26 presets
  • Onboard chromatic tuner supports both standard and drop-bass tuning – bypass all effects during tuning or mute the outputs so that you can tune in silence
  • Tap Tempo for synchronization of delay times or modulation rates
  • Auto Save function for automatic saving of all patch parameters
  • 1/4" input jack (both active and passive instruments supported)
  • Dual 1/4" output jacks for stereo recording
  • Backlit LCD with contrast control for easy viewing in low-light environments
  • USB port for power and firmware updates
  • Lightweight and small enough to fit in your gig bag
  • Easily integrates into any existing pedalboard
  • Runs on two AA batteries (included), with alkaline battery life of up to 7 hours
  • USB bus-powered or powered via Zoom AD-16 AC adapter (available separately)
  • Power Management function automatically turns the pedal off if unused for extended periods

Effect Types

Dynamics / Filter

  • 19 x different compressors, limiters, equalizers, filters, exciters, frequency splitters
  • Zoom Noise Reduction (ZNR) algorithm, designed to remove noise during pauses while still maintaining your instrument natural tone
  • Bass frequency-specific AutoWah and "talking" modulator
  • Emulations of MXR DynaComp, Aphex Punch Factory, dbx 160A, BBE Sonic Maximizer, Q-Tron Envelope Filter, Moog MF-101, Z. Vex Seek-Wah


  • MPN - FXM110
  • GTIN - 4515260011568

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Presets: 30
Display: LCD
Inputs: 1 x 1/4" monaural phone jack Rated Input Level: -20 dBm Input Impedance: 1 MOhm
Outputs: 2 x 1/4" monaural phone jacks Maximum Output Level: +5 dBm (output impedance load of 10 kOhms or more)
Dimensions: 130.3 x 77.5 x 58.5 mm
Signal processing: 32-bit floating point, 32-bit fixed point
D/A conversion: 24-bit, 128 x oversampling
A/D conversion: 24-bit, 128 x oversampling
Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz
Patch Memory Banks: 50
Effects: 58
Simultaneous Effects: 4
Power Adapter: AC Adapter: 9 VDC, center-negative, 500 mA (Compatible with Zoom AD-16, available separately)
USB: Firmware upgrade, bus power
Battery Life (approx.): 7 hours
Battery Type: 2 x AA, alkaline or rechargeable NiMH
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz, +1 dB / -3 dB (into 10 kOhms load)
Weight: 350.0 g (without batteries)



  • 2 x AA Batteries



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