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Sandmarc Navy Mount for GoPro (128519)

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Product Overview
  • For Handlebars, Bike Handles, Ski Poles

  • Fits Diameters from 0.6-1.35" (15-33mm)

  • All-Aluminum Design with 3-Prong Mount

  • Supports GoPro & Other Action Cameras

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The SANDMARC Navy Mount allows you to secure your GoPro to most handlebars, bike handles, ski poles, and tubes. It fits all diameters from 0.6 to 1.35" (15-35mm). It features a robust, all-aluminum design and offers a standard 3-prong mount that supports GoPro and other action cameras. A matching 2-prong mount, such as the one provided on most waterproof housings, is required for attaching the camera.

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Sandmarc Navy Mount for GoPro

  • Thumbscrew for 3-Prong Mount

  • Wrench Tool

  • Warranty


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