14848 Sandmarc Filter Set of 5 - Hero5 Black 2048 Action Cameras Accessories Sandmarc

Sandmarc Filter Set of 5 - Hero5 Black (126454)

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Product Overview
  • Yellow Filter for Night Diving

  • Magenta Filter for Green Water

  • 5-20 ft, 20-50 ft, 50+ ft Red Filters for Blue Water

  • Frame for swapping filters.

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Sandmarc Filter Set of 5 - Hero5 Black
Featuring five interchangeable filters at varying depth, the Aqua Filter is the most versatile filter set for your diving adventures. Includes 5 filters in one set.

The deeper you dive underwater, the more the loss of color. This happens because water is approximately 800 times as dense as air. This dense nature of water significantly hinders light when descending underwater.

To bring color back to your underwater photos, you will need filters depending on the depth and type of water. Although the most common color correction filters are red filters, it is important to carry different filters as you cannot predict what kind of water you'll encounter.

  • MPN - SM229
  • GTIN - N/A


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Sandmarc Filter Set of 5 - Hero5 Black

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