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Olympus PEN LITE E-PL1 4/3 LiveMOS Camera including Olympus M Zuiko 14-42mm Lens - Black

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The Olympus PEN LITE E-PL1 is the exciting entry-level PEN offering outstanding image quality and HD Video capture

Key Features

- 12.3 Megapixel
- SLR picture quality
- HD Movie recording with dedicated button
- Pop up flash
- LiveGuide interface for beginners
- Image Stabiliser built-in
- 6 Art Filters
- Accessory port
- 2.7 inch LCD

The Olympus PEN LITE E-PL1 handles like a compact camera but provides the image quality and lens interchangeability of an SLR with its oversized 4/3 LiveMOS image sensor chip, TruePic V image processor, and choice of PEN interchangeable lenses .

This entry level PEN camera combines high-technology with maximum ease of use, providing the photographic novice with assistance to control key camera settings like aperture and shutter speed without having to take a photographic course to understand how to use them.

At the same time, the PEN LITE will also interest the experienced photographer with its full manual exposure capability, Aperture and Shutter speed priority exposure modes, and even wireless flash capability.

Live Guide Technology Means Easy Camera control

The new LiveGuide user interface revolutionises camera control for the total beginner and helps the camera novice understand the functions and use of important camera settings without having to learn traditional photographic concepts. With clear step-by-step assistance for a wide variety of shooting scenes, LiveGuide makes using the camera beyond point and shooting easily achievable.

Dedicated HD Movie Record Button
Never miss a movie opportunity! For easy transition between still shooting and HD movie recording, the PEN LITE is the first PEN camera to feature a dedicated movie record button that instantly activates movie capture when the camera is in a still shooting mode. Another press stops recording and automatically switches the camera back to still shooting.

Pop Up Flash
For picture moments that require flash use, the convenient built-in flash is easily activated with a flick of a button.

With illumination power of GN10 (ISO200), it is able to act as a commanding flash unit for wireless flash control of Olympus E-System FL-36R and FL-50R flash units.

Creative Effect Art Filters
Many photographers add digital effects to captured pictures using photo editing software on their computers to add creative drama and impact. The PEN LITE does it all for you in the camera at the moment of capture, easily and conveniently. Six Art Filter effects of Pop Art, Soft Focus, Grainy Film, Pin Hole, Diorama, Gentle Sepia adds creative flair to your images by simulating popular traditional film and filter effects.

Sensational Truepic V Image Processor                             
At the heart of the PEN LITE is Olympus' famous TruePic V image processsor that reproduces images with amazing clarity with true-to-life colours. TruePic V is a true revolution in digital camera processor technology with its ability to reproduce subtle tonalities and clear detail with low noise even at high ISOs.

Image stabilisation that works with any lens
Image-stabilisation is one of the most desired features in cameras today because it gives you the freedom to shoot handheld in many low light situations with shake-free results. The PEN LITE's stabiliser is effective up to 3 shutter speeds.

Dedicated M.Zuiko lenses, other Micro-Four Thirds as well as Four-Thirds type lenses communicate with the camera body directly for the optimum image-stabilised results.

The PEN LITE's built-in Image Stabiliser works with almost any non-dedicated lens that you can imagine, with its manually-set focal length feature that includes pre-sets for the entire legacy OM lens system. This means that you can stick any classic 50mm standard lens onto with the right lens adapter for instance, and it too can benefit from the camera's built-in stabilisation. Simply amazing!

Accessory port for expansion
The accessory port situated at the base of the flash hotshoe allows the use of a variety of special accessories including the high-resolution VF-2 electronic viewfinder (shown below) and the EMA-1 microphone adapter for stereo sound capture in HD movie recording.

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