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Olympus FL-300R Wireless Electronic Flash
Olympus FL-300R Wireless Electronic Flash
Code: V326110SG000
  • Compact Design

  • Powerful Flash

  • Bounce and Macro Shooting

  • Wireless Flash Shooting

  • Ultra-Wide Flash Coverage

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The Olympus FL-300R is a compact, lightweight external flash with a slim profile that matches any PEN camera

Featuring bounce and remote control capabilities, this flash achieves a GN (Guide Number) of 28 (ISO200-m) despite its compact, pocket-sized design. A tilting mechanism with max. 60° upward and 30° downward capability enables bounce flashing so that a soft expression with high-quality and greater results can be enjoyed easily. Close-up flash shooting impossible with the camera's built-in flash is also possible using the FL-300R.

The FL-300R is also compatible with the wireless remote flash control system of PEN and Olympus E-System SLR cameras with wireless flash capability. The firing intensities of up to two groups of flashes can be controlled independently with wireless control. The flash is equipped with a built-in wide panel, which can be used to cover an ultra-wide angle with a focal length of 9mm (equivalent to 18mm of 35mm cameras).

Compact Design
Functional, compact clip-on flash that fits in the palm of your hand

Powerful Flash
The Olympus FL-300R has a guide number of 28 at ISO 200

Bounce and Macro Shooting
Flash has a tilt mechanism from 60° up to 30° down, and tilt-down with auto flash off

Wireless Flash Shooting
Light intensity can be remotely controlled for 2 group settings (A/B) with wireless flash

Ultra-Wide Flash Coverage
Flash will provide coverage for an ultra-wide 9mm (equivalent to 18mm in 35mm format) using the built-in wide panel


Type: Compact clip-on flash
Guide No.: 28 @ ISO 200 16 @ ISO 200 (using built-in wide panel)
Angle of Coverage: 9 mm equivalent coverage (35 mm equivalent focal length = 18 mm) with built-in wide panel
TTL Dedication: Yes
Bounce Head: Yes
Swivel Head: No
Zoom Head: No
Off Camera Terminal: Wireless capability (with E-P3, E-PL3, and E-PM1)
Power Source: 2x alkaline AAA (R03) batteries or 2 NiMH AAA (R03) batteries
Dimensions: 5.58 x 8.89 x 2.79 cm
Weight: 97 g excluding batteries


Brand: Olympus
  • Olympus FL-300R Wireless Electronic Flash


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