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The Ultimate SLR Camera Course

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Learn how to use your SLR camera like a professional  with the Ultimate SLR Camera Course!!

Key Features

- You can't learn a camera course from a book or by a correspondence course.
- Imagine having a professional photographer showing you step by step what to do.
- You need a teacher to explain it to you not just a photographer. I want you to think of these DVD's as me being your personal teacher but with a rewind button.
- You don't have to worry if you miss anything. Stop the DVD and play it over and over again until it makes perfect sense.

In this course you will learn how to take photos in a completely new way that will revolutionise your photography. Imagine being able to take magazine quality photos. With this course you will be taken through step by step just how we get them. You will be shown all the tricks of the trade.

If you want to learn how to take stunning portraits of people or just taking great photos of your own family this is the course for you. You will be taken step by step through how to set up, pose with natural light for a truly stunning portrait.

Once you gain these skills you have them for life. You'll get fantastic portraits, landscape, night shots, fine art and even be shown how to do a fashion shoot.

Here's What You Get in the DVDs

DVD 1: Pro Camera Settings

This DVD takes you through the 7 settings that you need to know for taking photos that look professional. If you are sick of just getting ordinary photos because you have your camera set on automatic. This section of our course will get you up and running quickly and easily with me showing you each step in a watch and learn format.

Every camera is different not only in brand but also model, all cameras have the same settings which get basically the same results from a fairly low end camera right up to some of the expensive models. The trouble starts when you get your new camera out and find the manual 5cm's thick with information.

Yes there are some crucial settings for your camera but manufacturers love to hide them within the other 100 settings that you can achieve on their camera.
Luckily you only need to concentrate on around seven of them to be able to get professional images just like I do.

In this DVD I give you the theory on a white board then I take you out into the street just as though you were present on a course with me and I show you how each setting works and the result. It will revolutionize the way you will take photos from now on. All your photos will be worth giving a second look!
DVD 2: Landscape and Exposure Explained
Come on a landscape photography shoot with me and learn all the tips that you need to know for taking great looking landscape photos. Also on this DVD you will

- Learn all about F-Stops ISO and Camera Speed. I not only show you each step but you will watch me put into practice each step.

To get the best shots you guessed it you have to get up early or put up with the mossy's somewhere around sunset. In this video I go through all the equipment you should take and how to take it on a trip with you. Next you actually come on a landscape shoot with me up to the mountains. We had mist bush and great natural views. We have to trudge through the bush to get right to the edge of the cliffs but it was worth it. I take you through all the settings to get just the right shots. I also take you on a beach shoot and talk you through how to get really great interesting shots.

I also take you into the classroom to give you the theory on the whiteboard. I cover everything that you need to know about F-Stops, ISO, white balance etc.. I won't leave anything out so you will become quite an expert after you finish the course and you will be able to help others with their shots.
DVD 3: Night and Travel Photography
This DVD will show you how to take fantastic night photography shots. Once the sun has set many photographers will pack up their cameras and go. They are missing out on capturing some of the most stunning visual images to be had.

- Also on this DVD we give you all the travel photography tips you need to make your photos your most precious memories and not just snap shots like all the tourists take.

I have photographed in many countries around the world. My first trip was over 20 years ago and my most recent trip was just a few months ago. In my last trip I travelled through Egypt for a second time. After you have become a seasoned traveller you gain an understanding of what to do and what not to do when overseas. When you get back and look at all your photos, 1000's in some cases you start to realize that there may only be 50 photos that you really like.

I also cover the secrets to really good night photography and I go through the theory on the white board then you come with me into the city at night just like you were on a course with me. I know you will thoroughly enjoy this DVD on travel and night photography.
DVD 4: Fine Art and Studio Photography
In this DVD you will learn how to do fine art photography. You may not have ever thought of this type of photography but did you know that good fine art images can sell up to $10,000 each!

- Also in this DVD I will take you through studio lighting and how to set the studio lighting to get different lighting styles. In studio photography I also cover product photography.

Studio photography is one of my favourite types of photography. why? Because I can completely control the light. After all photography is just recording light. With natural light you can get superbly finished images granted but in the studio you can play to your heart's content. Subtracting light to spectral highlights it's a lot of fun and you would be surprised at how quick you can learn something that has always been a mystery to most photographers.

- In this DVD I will not only train you how to use a studio but I will also go through product photography and fine art photography. I know that you will really enjoy seeing one of the latest studios to be built and how to use it!
DVD 5: Portrait Photography

This DVD shows you how to shoot highly professional black & white portrait photography. Even though you may be a good Photographer already, we show you the little hints, tips, tricks and techniques that will make your photographs look professional.
- You'll discover trade secrets that Professional Photographers don't want you to know on how to get these magic costly shots.

Black & white portraits are by far the best portraits in the world, why? Because they are timeless due to the fact that they don't have colour in them which can date a photo very quickly. I do this so that the image will not date. You wouldn't have any idea if I shot this yesterday or ten years ago. Another great thing about black & white photography is that people in colour all have different complexions and the difference in black and white compared to colour is that B&W evens things up.

In this DVD I will show you how to take the different styles of portrait photography including 3D style and situational portraits. I have taken portraits from my own family right up to the Prime Minister so I'm sure you'll enjoy this DVD and be able to get really great black and white and colour images.
DVD 6: Fashion Photography

If you want to learn how to do fashion photography this DVD will get you on the right track. I give you all the tips you need on just how to do a fashion shoot. Fashion photography is fun and exciting to do once you know how.

- Come with me on a live shoot and see the techniques that I use to get superb images. With a little practice of these techniques you will be able to organize and do your own fashion shoot.

A fashion shoot can be a lot of fun and there is certainly a lot of energy generated with a small team all pulling together to get the shoot happening. If you are thinking of a career in fashion photography you must start by learning all of the equipment and what each is used for. A fashion shoot does take a small team and it's getting the right team together that will produce a fun day and a smooth flowing day. Remember you don't have to have experts to get a great result.

So what's involved in a fashion photography shoot? First off are the models. Getting experienced models that know how to pose and understand how to get into the emotion of the pose that you require is of great importance. Hair and makeup. It's far better to have one doing hair and one doing makeup even though both can usually be done by one person however time is of the essence. If you have to wait 45 minutes for hair and then another 45 minutes for makeup by the one person your model has just cost you a lot of money just to sit there. You keep swapping models form hair to make up while you shoot the other.

Wardrobe is important. Always have someone who looks after the wardrobe especially someone who can iron! A stylist can be used on a fashion shoot or another name for them is an art director. Many times I shoot without either. My customers know my style and let me do my thing.

Developing your style is important. Why? Because you are hired for your style. I shoot magazine covers and you don't expect to get the same magazine every month. Magazines need a fresh style to keep their customers happy. In this course I go through how to develop your own style. I hope you will love this DVD on a 50's style fashion shoot that I had to do and all the tips I give you.

7 good reasons why you should do this course!

- Learn the 10 most important settings on your camera!
- Learn how to take contemporary family photos!
- Learn how to take fantastic Black & white portraits!
- Learn to take exciting landscape & fine art photos!
- Learn the tips about travel photography!
- Learn how to shoot fashion & products!
- Learn how to do night photography!
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